Bayonetta 3 Developer PlatinumGames Promises Multiple Announcements For 2020

PlatinumGames is gearing up for a big 2020, and is promising some big announcements. The studio is currently working on Bayonetta 3 and Babylon’s Fall, both of which we’re expecting to see more of this year. In statements given to Japanese website Inside Games (which were then translated by Siliconera), studio president Kenichi Sato and studio head Atsushi Inaba have talked about their plans for the year ahead.

Sato says that he promised at the end of 2018 that 2019 “would be a year where the curtain rises for a new stage for PlatinumGames,” but that it’s happening a bit later instead. “I believe we’ll have several big announcements to deliver early in the new year, so please look forward to that.”

As Sato points out, the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 mean that “the world will be watching Japan,” and as a studio representing the country, “PlatinumGames are looking to go all-out, to get attention from fans around the world, and bring smiles to everyone.”

Inaba’s statement is brief, but he promises that “starting early on in the year, I believe we’ll continue to roll out various announcements, big and small, throughout the year.”

We’re yet to see actual gameplay footage of Bayonetta 3, whereas Babylon’s Fall was reintroduced in December 2019 as part of a Sony State of Play stream. Remasters of Bayonetta and Vanquish are also coming to PS4 and Xbox One. The studio was also previously working on Granblue Fantasy: Relink, before leaving the project in February 2019; that game is still in active development at Cygames Osaka.

PlatinumGames released Astral Chain for Nintendo Switch in 2019, their first new IP since The Wonderful 101. It received an 8/10 in our review, with reviewer Michael Higham calling it “an incredible execution of a fresh take on Platinum Games’ foundation, standing among the stylish-action greats.”

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Credit: Bayonetta 3 Developer PlatinumGames Promises Multiple Announcements For 2020