New League of Legends season starts soon

Riot tweeted out two images on Sunday, the first showing Urgot using his chains over the words “in 5 days we break them” and the second declaring that the 2020 season begins on January 10.

Season 10 will begin with a soft reset of ranked, with new ranks calculated based on performance during the pre-season as well as placement matches. Just like in season nine, you’ll get a provisional rank after your first match of the season and only after eight matches will it become visible.

The first League of Legends patch for 2020 will roll out on January 8, two days before season 10 starts, and will bring with it new juggernaut Sett, a former pit fighter according to his bio. The Mecha Kingdom skins should be rolling out soon as well.

A cinematic trailer is traditional for these things, and that image of Urgot’s chains might well be a tease for it.

Credit: New League of Legends season starts soon