New Doki Doki Literature Club Content Is Coming From The Game’s Creator

Doki Doki Literature Club, the much-loved, surprising 2017 visual novel, will receive new content in 2020. The game’s creator, Dan Salvato, has tweeted about his plans for 2020, expressing a desire to “reclaim his happiness” so that he can pass it onto others as well. Part of this will involve creating new content for Doki […]

Oddity, A Former Earthbound Fan-Sequel, Has A Gorgeous New Reveal Trailer

A fan-made version of Mother 4 that was announced for a 2015 release before quietly disappearing has resurfaced with a new name and look. Oddity, which wears its Earthbound influences very openly, has been shown off in a new “reveal teaser” trailer below. The game, which looks to be an RPG with turn-based combat and […]

Sony Teases CES Briefing With “The Future Is Coming,” But No Word On PS5 Reveal

The first big technology news event of 2020, CES, kicks off this week in Las Vegas. Among the attendees is tech giant Sony, which has now teased some of what to expect from its briefing at the annual tradeshow–but there is no reason to expect any PlayStation 5 news. Sony’s CES 2020 landing page teases, […]

Bayonetta 3 Developer PlatinumGames Promises Multiple Announcements For 2020

PlatinumGames is gearing up for a big 2020, and is promising some big announcements. The studio is currently working on Bayonetta 3 and Babylon’s Fall, both of which we’re expecting to see more of this year. In statements given to Japanese website Inside Games (which were then translated by Siliconera), studio president Kenichi Sato and […]

See How Control’s Incredible Ashtray Maze Was Created

Remedy Entertainment’s Control is a game that stokes curiosity, upends expectations, and–at almost every turn–inspires awe. Nowhere is this most apparent than in the Ashtray Maze, an area of the game that is teased early on, but only explorable near the end. Like most things in the Federal Bureau of Control, where the seemingly ordinary […]

Watch Loadout Episode 5: How The Iconic Pulse Rifle Was Made And Influenced Sci-Fi

Whether it’s video games, movies, or TV shows, entertainment is filled with iconic tools of warfare, and much of the stories we love are defined by them; the Pulse Rifle is synonymous with the Aliens franchise; the Man With No Name’s mystique and effortless cool is heightened by the revolver he whips out in the […]

CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher Gets Netflix ‘Toss A Coin To Your Witcher’ Mod

While Netflix’s The Witcher is solely based on the books, the TV series and CD Projekt Red’s video game adaptation have now crossed over in an unexpected way. A popular song from The Witcher TV series can be seen in Geralt of Rivia’s first adventure, 2007’s The Witcher, thanks to a new mod. You can […]

Fortnite Workshop, Crackshot’s Cabin, And Mr. Polar Locations Guide

Fortnite’s holiday-themed Winterfest event is wrapping up soon, but there’s still a little time to complete its challenges and snag yourself some special rewards. One challenge that may give you some trouble asks you to visit the Workshop, Crackshot’s Cabin, and Mr. Polar’s Artisanal Ice. If you have no idea where any of those places […]

Pokemon Sword & Shield: All Max Raid Events Happening Right Now

Pokemon Sword and Shield introduce a few exciting new features to the series, such as Max Raid battles. At certain dens dotting the Wild Area, you can team up with three other trainers–either locally or online–and take on supersized Dynamax Pokemon together. Pokemon you encounter in these Max Raids are special in a few different […]